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Manages databases for DVD and game rental stores
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Create a database with your entire collection of DVDs, then keep track of each item in the library. The tool is designed to work with movies as well as games. Includes fields for writing down the name of the renter and the time a disk was rented, as well as the capability to reserve disks for customers.

VideoMate is a comprehensive and flexible tool that will allow you to manage your video rental and sales business in an easy and professional way. You can set the program to work as a simple POS (Point Of Sale) or as a full business management application. It includes all the features any DVD rental business will ever need, including a WebLink module that will allow your customers to reserve their movies online.

Setting up all the features and options required to make it work is probably the hardest and most time-consuming task. However, you will only need to do this once. You will be required to input all the information needed to set up a new outlet, to add a password, to describe your rental rates, to add new customers and videos, etc.

The level of flexibility provided is certainly one of its main assets. As an example, you are given the possibility of defining up to eight different rates for each day of the week. Add to them eight new rates for weekends and eight more for part-of-a-day rentals, and that will make a total of 72 different rental rates! This flexibility will also allow you to define up to 24 different elements that will be protected by the required password, such as customer PIN numbers, the addition and modification of both stock and videos, credit card numbers, refunds, reports, etc.

Rentals and sales allow for various discount amounts, membership fees, delivery charges, and different methods of payment, including secure credit card transactions using X-Charge. VideoMate is also barcode compatible, and produces comprehensive reports on both sales and rental statistics.

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  • It offers you everything you need to run your DVD and video rental business
  • WebLink compatible
  • Includes a POS module
  • Processes credit card payments using X-Charge
  • Provides you with comprehensive sales and rentals reports


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